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1st Stage: The Egg

A butterfly begins its journey in life as an egg. The shape of the egg depends on the butterfly which laid the egg. The eggs are laid on the leaves of plants.

2nd Stage-Caterpillar

After the egg hatches a caterpillar emerges. During this stage caterpillars eat a lot of food to grow quickly and prepare for their next stages. Since the caterpillar grows so quickly its skin sheds several times so it can expand.

3rd Stage-Chrysalis

When the caterpillar is finished growing they form themselves into a chrysalis. Inside the chrysalis the parts of the caterpillar transform into the parts of a butterfly. When the chrysalis is finished the final stage of the butterfly's life cycle is ready.


4th Stage-Butterfly
Once the caterpillar is finished forming into a chrysalis a butterfly will emerge. A butterfly will start flying in 3-4 hours after coming our of the chrysalis and find a mate to reproduce and start the cycle over again.

~Below is a video for 2nd Graders about the life cycle of a butterfly.